Realm of Dregspine

The Walking Dead Githyanki

Chapter 3: The Walking Dead Githyanki

Our party returned to Finnard’s tower and rested up as time was short and he encouraged them to get back to the Githyanki Graveyard. The party took time to sleep overnight and then used Finnard’s Moongate to return to the island.

They gathered their wits about them and moved across the landscape of the island towards the Castle Tower near the middle. Movement was slow and methodical as they elected to adopt a tactical movement formation to help insure against any surprise attacks as they neared the tower. They entered the tower by way the already lowered drawbridge styled door which was still lowered in the same way they had left it a day or so prior.

The intrepid heroes entered the dark confines of the tower and made their way down the large descending staircase leading into a long 20’ wide hallway. They observed that the hallway stretched northward underground for about 60’ before another set of stairs descends continued northward. They discover that the stairs leading down are completely submerged under dark but not too murky water. Majnus elects himself to enter the water and see where the stairs lead. The party offers a rope but he belligerently declines any need for a rope.

Majnus makes his way under the water to see that the stairs go downward 10’ feet and the passage continues on northbound for 20’ in this submerged state, leading to another set of stairs going back up 10’ feet. Some sort of water trap perhaps, designed to slow down potential attackers. (The party never found the secret passageways which would have bypassed this water feature). Majnus started to move forward and had just noticed a very nice looking cloak resting near the floor. It was in that moment that he realized the cloak itself had moved a bit towards him as his momentum brought him full tilt inside of a Gelatinous Cube. He started taking acidic damage at about the same time that it just dawned him why the passageway appeared so clean. This cube had vacuumed up the floors quite well.

The Party detected a commotion under the water and quickly joined into the fray as Majnus elected to stay inside the cube and fight his way from the inside out. It was a pitched battle as the cube moved forward, ascending the stairs towards the party with Majnus furiously stabbing away inside. Chili let loose with some Magic MIssiles which found their mark and left 3 very telling and tunnel like trails through the Cube’s amorphous body. Shadowmoon let fly with some arrows while Torin swung furiously with his sword as well. Thorson thought about sending a “Cure Wounds” spell towards Majnus but rejected that idea in favor of swinging his ugly Morning star “Venomjaw” at the beast. The accumulation of telling blows had finally cleaved the Cube into two separate piles of clear goo on the floor near the top of the stairs.

Majnus gathered himself up and the party continued through the short underwater passageway to find themselves back at the top of the second set of stairs and ready to continue their walk northward. Advancing carefully, Majnus observes another set of stairs ahead, seemingly another water trap just like the first…but just off to the right was a doorway which needed investigating.

Majnus brings the party forward and peers around the corner into the doorway leading right. He reports that there is a large sarcophagus in the center of the room with an even larger snake skeleton curled around it. His innate fear of resting snake skeletons caused him to nock an arrow and send it flying into the snake skull. He saw no indication of movement and seemed satisfied enough to enter the room with the rest of the party. They debate the merits of removing the lid from the casket. Torin cuts the debate short by announcing that he will open the Sarcophagus and he does in fact do so. Things quickly spin out of control as an imposing Mummy of Githyanki origins immediately pops up out of the casket. This mummy is wearing an impressive platemail breastplate and fixes his “Dreadful Gaze” upon Torin but it has no effect. Torin stands his ground and begins to make ready his sword as the mummy attacks him. The mummy pummels Torin with his rotting fists and these blows make their mark on him. The party jumps into attack mode and Chili attacks the Mummy with a fire-based spell. This severely damages the mummy who is greatly vulnerable to fire. A few more of the mummy’s wild swinging blows find their mark on Torin again before the party finally destroys this foul undead Githyanki.

Our heroes exit this room and face back towards this new set of stairs leading to a second water trap. Majnus, Torin, and Chili all enter the water and make their way towards the other side. Majnus and Torin observe shambling feet and legs moving about on the top steps of the stairs they are wanting to swim toward. They draw near and make attacks on these targets of opportunity with mixed results. Chili joins the fight and as all three of them exit the water on the other side they see a total of six Githyanki Zombies being directed by a menacing looking Wight with an imposing looking sword in his hands. The rest of the heroic party makes their way to the other side of the water trap to join the fray as Chili casts a Flaming Sphere near some of the Zombies. The battle was long and drawn out as the party quickly learned that Githyanki Zombies are hard to kill and keep dead. The Wight waiting a while before joining the fray and that’s when things got a bit more serious. Torin stepped up to engage the Wight while the rest of the party whittled down the last remaining Gith Zombies. The Wight landed some telling blows versus Torin and Shadowmoon was able to cast some healing spells in his direction. Thorson made some good swings with his morning star while some others in the party were secretly wondering if he had even memorized some healing spells, or if he was just a cleric in name only.

The pitched battle finally came to an end with a final arrow launched from Shadowmoon’s bow towards the Wight. He fell dead in a heap at their feet and they retrieved his apparently magical sword. The party found an open sarcophagus near the end of this hallway and discovered additional loot inside. It wasn’t long before that when Finnard opened up the Moongate for our heroes and they made their way towards it in order to exit the island.
Treasure Gained:
Pipes of Githyanki Haunting
Githlord Breastplate

+1 Cloak of Protection
You gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws while you wear this cloak.

+1 Longbow

Boots of Elvenkind
While you wear these boots, your steps make no sound, regardless of the surface you are moving across. You also have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks that rely on moving silently.

2 healing potions
1 Potion of Invisibility

25 pp
880 gp
4 red gems @ 100gp each


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